Line & Fender Covers

Rope mooring line covers and fender covers protect delicate paint, gelcoat surfaces, stainless and teak cap rails with line covers for fenders and mooring lines. Secured with velcro around the most common line sizes. 

Rope mooring line covers are a simple solution designed to protect your vessel from gel coat burn caused by mooring line friction.

Available in 1m length, Rope mooring line covers are sold in packs of 6.

Accommodating lines up to 24mm, the full-length Velcro on each rope cover allows for easy fitment to existing spliced lines.

Made from UV stabilised neoprene fabric, these covers are designed to last.

  • Available in 1metre length
  • Colours - Black
  • Accomodating lines up to 24mm
  • UV stabilised neoprene fabric
  • Full length velcro allows for easy fitting onto existing spliced lines
  • Sold in packs of 6


Our fender cover sizes

Boat Length In Feet Cylindrical Fender Diameter Round Fender Diameter
20'-25' 6" - 6.5" 15"
25'-35' 8" - 8.5" 18"
35'-50' 10.5" - 12" 21"
50'-60' 12" 27"
  • Available in the stated sizes
  • Colours - Black
  • UV stabilised neoprene fabric
  • Sold in 2 packs



Want to have your boat name and logo printed on your Rope line and fender covers? We can personalise your line and fender covers for you. Inquire today!